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Statistics show that a startling 33 percent of kids and teens are overweight or obese in America today. Overweight and obese children are at a higher risk for developing chronic ailments, like heart disease and diabetes, later in life.
What’s more, findings show students who are physically fit are:
  • more likely to do well on standardized tests;
  • more likely to have better school attendance; and,
  • less likely to have disciplinary problems.
The fact is, youth health is a key strategy for kids to succeed in school and life.United Way has a goal to get 1.9 million more kids active and healthy. A key to achieving this goal is tackling the growing problem of childhood obesity. To that end, United Way is working with the National Football League to leverage resources and relationships to raise awareness about the issue of childhood obesity and create opportunities for young people to lead healthier lifestyles.
You can help by signing the United Way Healthy Kids Pledge. By signing the pledge, you’re standing with us in the fight against childhood obesity. You’re pledging to explore ways you can encourage active and healthy lifestyles in your home, your neighborhood, your community.
Check out the Healthy Kids Community Activation Center and Family Activation Center for ways to get started. You don't have to be a super-athlete, a super-chef, or a super-anything to get kids moving more and eating better. Tackling this epidemic will make a lifelong difference. Share your interests. Your passion.  LIVE UNITED.
I pledge to stand with United Way in the fight against childhood obesity. I pledge to explore ways to encourage active and healthy lifestyles in my home, my neighborhood, and in my community.