Why Supporting ALICE Communities Maximizes Your Giving Impact

Why Supporting ALICE Communities Maximizes Your Giving Impact

This November, you may understandably be starting to plan your upcoming Thanksgiving feast and holiday shopping. But if you’re looking for a way to turn the often-hectic holiday season into something more meaningful, Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to do it. Incorporating Giving Tuesday into your annual Thanksgiving and other holiday celebrations extends the spirit of gratitude to include targeted generosity. 

By making Giving Tuesday a holiday giving tradition, you nurture a culture of giving within your family and social circles, fostering a philanthropic spirit with lasting impact.

What Is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday, celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving since 2012, is a movement that encourages individuals and corporations to give back to their communities by supporting charitable organizations. It emerged as a wholesome response to the commercialism and consumerism associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Yet the ethos of Giving Tuesday isn’t a flash in the pan, but kicks off an entire season of giving that lasts through the New Year and beyond.

Wondering Where to Donate? Meet ALICE

Giving back to your community is certainly a great way to honor the true spirit of the holidays, but you may be wondering: Which organization should I donate to? What kind of giving would have the most wide- and far-reaching impact? Many people donate in ways that align with their personal interests, and humanitarian nonprofits and charities are an excellent place to start. If you specifically want to help people in your city, county, or state, supporting an organization that serves socioeconomically disadvantaged groups can allow you to do this.

Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) represents a group of individuals and families who work hard and earn above the (vastly outdated) federal poverty level, but still struggle to meet the basic necessities of living due to high costs and factors beyond their control. They are the backbone of our communities, working in essential but often lower-paying jobs. ALICE populations exist everywhere across the country, and they face significant hurdles that keep them from financial stability and upward mobility.

Why Giving to ALICE-Serving Organizations Makes Your Gift Go Further

When you direct your generosity toward organizations that serve ALICE communities, your donation isn’t merely a handout, but a hand up. This distinction is crucial. A handout suggests temporary, often superficial relief, whereas a hand up provides the support necessary for ALICE individuals to overcome systemic barriers, improve their circumstances, and work toward lasting financial stability. Your donation can fund programs that provide affordable housing, healthcare, education, and job training, all of which are instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Additionally, giving to ALICE-serving organizations has a ripple effect that benefits the whole community. When ALICE families are financially stable, they are less likely to require social services and are more able to contribute to the local economy. This increased economic activity, in turn, benefits local businesses and creates a healthier, more vibrant community for all residents. 

Moreover, when we invest in the upward mobility of ALICE individuals, we are investing in a stronger, more resilient workforce, which is critical for local economic growth and sustainability.

Other Ways to Maximize Your Giving Impact

You can stretch your dollar even further and let it accomplish even more by using the following giving strategies when you donate to an ALICE-serving organization:

  • Recurring donations. Making automatic monthly donations is a budget-friendly way to support your organization of choice. You’ll be able to give more overall while keeping your finances predictable. You’ll also allow your nonprofit to plan their budget more accurately with support they can count on each month.
  • Impact fund giving. Many nonprofits have impact funds, or accounts in which your gift allows them to spend money when and where it’s needed most. Besides giving organizations greater flexibility and reach, you’ll feel better knowing that your gift is being used for the most urgent and important purposes.
  • Legacy giving. With legacy giving (sometimes called planned giving), you set aside funds that will go to your nonprofit or charity of choice after you have passed. This ensures that the organization — and larger community — can enjoy lasting support (and remember you as a philanthropist). You’ll get tax benefits and the opportunity to choose how your gift will be used.
  • Memorial donations. Memorial donations allow you to give in someone else’s name to honor their memory after they have passed. The person might have been a general philanthropist, or have a personal connection to your nonprofit’s mission. This form of giving not only allows you to support a charitable cause, but to celebrate the life of someone important to you.

Maximize Your Giving Impact With United Way of York County

United Way of York County in Pennsylvania assists working households in our community to achieve financial stability by collaboratively and equitably reducing barriers to prosperity. We offer access to free health and human services like child care, affordable prescription medications, assistance with tax preparation, transportation support, and more to fight for the education, health, and economic mobility of all members of our community. 

With one donation, you can help neighbors and friends. Gifts to the United Way of York County Impact Fund are dollars that stay in York County and impact lives where you live and work. We do what no single organization can do alone: We tackle the toughest issues facing our community-working households struggling to cover basic living expenses. Change doesn't happen alone. Give today!