The Reality of an ALICE Family

Left to right (markers, binder clips, a stapler, pencils, a calculator, scissors, and a protractor)

Robert and Julie are the parents of a preschool aged child. Up until recently, the family qualified for Child Care Works subsidies as Robert was the only family member earning income. When Julie found a job as a teaching assistant in the Red Lion Area School District, the family no longer qualified for these subsidies. Despite now being a dual income family, they found themselves struggling to continue paying tuition for childcare. The situation became even more strained following the birth of their second child last year. To receive assistance with childcare, Robert and Julie reached out to a program funded by your gift to United Way of York County’s Impact Fund.

A family of four smiling at a camera standing in the park

The family was able to receive a 15% scholarship and a sibling discount which significantly helped their situation. With this additional support, Robert and Julie have been able to keep both of their children in preschool programs and they are well on their way to being ready for kindergarten.  

Robert and Julie would not consider themselves a family stuck in poverty, but rather a family who found themselves in a tight situation when circumstances caused them to fall into the ALICE category. Your gift ensures that families like Robert and Julie’s can gain access to the resources they need to help them succeed.