The Road to Career Success

Building blocks with letters spelling the word "childcare"

After Lucia found out that she was pregnant with her third child she knew that she would need help.

Fortunately, she reached out to an organization funded by your gift to the United Way of York County’s Impact Fund and was able to connect with resources that would provide diapers and formula for her child. After speaking more with one of the program managers, she was referred to a sister program where she would be assisted with some of her other barriers: housing, employment, and language. She connected with a rental assistance program where she received help covering rent and utilities.

A woman wearing a black jacket holding her baby wearing a white sweater

With these expenses covered, she was able to start building a small savings account and looking towards a brighter future. She enrolled in another program through the organization where she was tasked with orienting goals that worked towards improving her situation. Here, she was able to flesh out her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and establishing an in-home childcare business. The program was able to provide her with parenting classes to help her develop techniques to better communicate with and care for her son and the children she hoped to help in the future. 

A woman holding her baby; they're both smiling at the camera

In June, Lucia was able to receive licensing for her in-home childcare business and is now caring for four children plus her son. While Lucia is celebrating her progress thus far, she continues to look towards her long-term goals. “Now I feel really motivated,” Lucia said. “I feel more stable, economically and emotionally. My business is growing, I can see how my son is growing...I would like to help others to move forward, too.” 

Your generosity provides people like Lucia with the ability to pursue their goals and regain stability.