Women Living United


Purpose: To unite women and demonstrate their power to effect positive change as philanthropists, role models, mentors and leaders.

Women Living United (WLU) is a group where, regardless of age and background, women can come together to impact the lives of those in York County through volunteer projects, mentoring and hands-on leadership. Women in York County who currently contribute to United Way of York County and fall into the Membership Criteria below are invited to join this group of women.  

Membership Criteria

  • Currently contribute $500 or more annually to the United Way of York County, or
  • Pledge to step up my gift to reach $500 annually within 3 years, or
  • Become a new contributor and agree to step up to $500 annually within 3 years.


Download the Informational Flyer for more details about how you can be a part of this amazing group of women.

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Women Living United Founders

Pictured (L to R): Helen Edwards, Edquina Washington, Natalie Fuhrman, Reesy Neff, Dottie Rohrbaugh, Carol Kauffman and Jennifer Pitts.

2016 Women Living United Steering Committee

The Women Living United Ambassadors build a strong network of women working to improve people's lives throughout the area. 

Helen Edwards, Glatfelter Insurance Group

Natalie Fuhrman, RKL, LLP

Carol Kauffman, Crispus Attucks Association

Reesy Neff, BB&T Bank

Dottie Rohrbaugh, Community Volunteer



Thank you, BB&T Bank, for being the title sponsor of Women Living United.




For additional information about Women Living United, please contact Brent Toomey, Business Development Director, at (717) 771-3805.


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