Women Living United

Women Living United (WLU) is a group where, regardless of age and background, women can come together to impact the lives of those in York County through volunteer projects, mentoring and hands-on leadership.  The purpose of WLU is: “To unite women and demonstrate their power to effect positive change as philanthropists, role models, mentors and leaders.”   Women in York County who currently contribute to United Way of York County $500 or more or agree to reach a $500 gift within 3 years are invited to join this group of women*.  The Women Living United Ambassadors, lead by Reesy Neff of Susquehanna Bank, will build a strong network of women working to improve people's lives throughout the area.  Susquehanna Bank is the title sponsor of Women Living United.

*see additional Membership Criteria details below.


Membership Criteria

  • Currently contribute $500 or more annually to the United Way of York County, or
  • Pledge to step up my gift to reach $500 annually within 3 years, or
  • Become a new contributor and agree to step up to $500 annually within 3 years.


Download the Informational Flyer for more details about how you can be a part of this amazing group of women.

Pictured (L to R): Helen Edwards, Edquina Washington, Natalie Fuhrman, Reesy Neff, Dottie Rohrbaugh, Carol Kauffman and Jennifer Pitts.

Women Living United Ambassadors

Helen Edwards, Glatfelter Insurance Group

Natalie Fuhrman, RKL, LLP

Carol Kauffman, Crispus Attucks Assocation

Reesy Neff, Susquehanna Bank

Jennifer Pitts, Susquehanna Bank

Dottie Rohrbaugh, Community Volunteer

Edquina Washington, City of York



Thank you, Susquehanna Bank, for being the title sponsor of Women Living United.



For additional information about Women Living United, please contact Brent Toomey, Campaign Director, at (717) 771-3805.

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