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Helping Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential

United Way of York County believes that access to high quality early childhood education will ensure that our children are ready to achieve in school.  Through the United Way of York County Impact Fund, high quality preschool child care programs are provided with the necessary funds to prepare children to succeed in later grades.  Helping youth stay in school by funding youth development, mentoring, school-age child care and tutoring programs keeps them on the right educational path for high school.  Finally, United Way is committed to funding proven programs that are designed to help students graduate from high school and transition successfully to the work world or advanced education and training.

See outcomes from the past year in Education, thanks to you, through our Community Impact Report.


Community Priorities and Outcomes in Education

Help Children and Youth Achieve their Potential

Children and youth need additional support to achieve progress in every stage of development from birth through post-secondary education and training. High quality Pre-K education and engaged parents will lead to children being ready for kindergarten and able to read by the end of third grade. In later grades, youth and young adults need to be prepared to successfully graduate high school and transition to post- secondary education or the workforce. 

  • Children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
  • Parents and guardians are knowledgeable about and engaged in their children’s education.
  • Children are on track to be reading proficiently by the end of third grade.
  • Elementary and middle school students are prepared to succeed in later grades.
  • Disengaged youth make a successful transition back into formal education.
  • Youth and young adults learn soft skills to be prepared to succeed in adult life. 
  • Young adults transition to post-secondary education, the workforce, or public service.  




Education Initiatives of United Way of York County

FOCUS works to ensure that every child receives a quality early education experience and is ready to enter school. 

York County Truancy Prevention Initiative works to reduce the truant population in York County. 


Help United Way of York County to provide reading opportunities to ALL children in York County through book donations to our Reading Initiatives.  CLICK HERE to learn more.