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About United Way of York County


We assist working households in our community to achieve financial stability by collaboratively and equitably reducing barriers to prosperity. 


An equitably thriving York County.

For 100 years, United Way of York County has worked in the York County community to improve people’s lives. It began as The York Welfare Federation, an organization that raised funds on behalf of 17 member agencies. For, a century, the organization served as a backbone of philanthropy in York County vetting programs to ensure donor dollars are staying local and going to high-impact programs. 

United Way of York County has adapted over the years and now collaborates with other public and private organizations to engage the community in addressing the complex issues facing York County. Our focus is to help working families struggling to cover basic living expenses. This enables United Way of York County to tackle the immediate and continuing needs of York County families and individuals and to create real, lasting change that matters to you and our community.

Bold Goal

Join us in assisting 8,000 households achieve financial stability by 2033


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United Way of York County’s Values

Integrity – Our relationships with each other and the greater community are based on honesty and respect, as we conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards. Our work is guided by our organization’s mission and values.

Accountability – We provide complete transparency to the public in regards to the usage and distribution of resources into funded programs. Both financial and outcome reporting meet the highest standard.

Stewardship – We ensure responsible management of donor funds for programs that deliver favorable outcomes. We provide convenient donation options and guidance for donors to wisely invest their contributions.

Operational Excellence – Our high standards of performance and commitment to continuous improvement and resourcefulness enable us to provide effective, efficient and quality services.

Inclusiveness – We value diversity and strive for inclusion. We act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person.

Collaboration – We work as a team for the good of the organization and the community. We partner with other organizations and individuals to leverage our talents and resources for greater community impact.

Making a Difference – We mobilize the community to improve people’s lives. We make a positive and lasting impact in our community.