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Financial Stability



Providing for Basic and Crisis Needs and Promoting Economic Stability

United Way’s work in the Income focus area helps to ensure that even in tough economic times, individuals and families are not only able to make ends meet on a daily basis, but to also make economic progress.  Communities must pull together to meet the increase in demand for food, shelter and other necessities by those already in need and the newly unemployed. In addition to basic needs, individuals and families also need access to the tools to increase their income, build savings and gain and sustain assets. United Way is a critical part of both efforts - ensuring that families have the basics in life and the tools to achieve financial stability.



INCOME VIDEO: Click here to see an example of what United Way is doing in the area of Income.


Community Priorities and Outcomes in Financial Stability 

Priority:     Basic and Emergency Needs Met

Outcome:    Families have basic and crisis needs met.

Outcome:    Homeless individuals and families have access to emergency shelters and


Outcome:    Individuals and families have access to disaster services.

Outcome:    Individuals and families access safe and affordable housing.


Priority:      Economically Stable Individuals and Families

Outcome:    Individuals and families achieve greater economic stability.


Income programs funded for Fiscal Year 2015-16


Community Involvement

United Way is involved in several community-wide efforts that promote providing for basic needs and economic stability.

VITA Tax Program, a program of York $ in Your Pocket Coalition

York County Housing Commission

Emergency Food and Shelter Program