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Funded Programs

The Importance of Your Support of the Community Fund

When you give to the Community Fund, United Way is able to invest those dollars into 66 programs supported by 35 Partner Agencies -- with one donation, you can help thousands of people.  Gifts to the United Way Community Fund are dollars that stay in York County and will impact lives where you live and work.  By focusing on Education, Health, and Financial Stability, we are able to create the foundation for individuals and families to have a quality life. (Click on the image below for a PDF file). 


How Are Dollars Allocated?

Each year, around 85 community volunteers donate 1,805 hours to the allocation process to ensure that only programs that demonstrate measurable impact are trusted with United Way dollars. The programs are thoroughly assessed to make certain that significant results and outcomes are achieved. Click the links below to view the list of volunteers who make this happen.

2019 Allocations Steering Committee

Interested in serving on the Allocations Committee? Download a flyer to learn more, or contact Shawn Smith at



2019 - 2020 Community Fund Allocations (Click on the image below for a PDF file)