A Grateful Heart

A diagnosis.  An unexpected call.  A heart attack. A car accident. Each of these moments in life can change your entire world within minutes.   Each of those scenarios has struck the family of Leigh Ann and Matt Wilson over the years.  While each was difficult, it was the car accident that shook their lives to the core. 

The Wilson Family is fortunate that they were able to live through a potential tragedy, but they believe there was more than luck on their side.  Throughout their lives Leigh Ann, Matt and their children Nolan and Odette have always focused on giving back to help others. Whether it is through their annual pledge to United Way of York County, Nolan making a donation to help animals, or Odette asking for books to donate to other kids in need for her birthday instead of gifts, as a family they are focused on supporting the community around them. 

Looking back, they couldn't help but ask themselves, was it this generosity that gave them the good karma needed to see them safely through a car accident?  Was it Leigh Ann's endless hours of community service and Matt's dedication to mentoring kids as a coach that led fate to lend a hand in leading them through this potentially tragic event?

Through the ordeal the Wilsons had every protection needed and could financially handle the unexpected bills.  They were all too aware this isn't the case for everyone.  When all was settled, the Wilsons decided to turn a life shaking trial into a positive by giving back to help others become stronger.

At United Way of York County, you will often hear us refer to our Tocqueville Society members as our donors who give at the highest level.  To support the community that they love, the Wilsons have always given generously.  This has never been more evident than when they made the decision to become members of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society by increasing their gift to United Way following their experience. 

We are grateful that the Wilsons have shared their journey with us.  It is our hope that by sharing it with others, more people will be inspired by the power they have found in giving back.      



Interested in learning how you can have a significant impact on the York community by becoming a Tocqueville Society member?  Contact Kim Alvarez at alvarezk@unitedway-york.org or 717.843.0957, ext. 811.