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Improving People's Physical and Behavioral Health

Good health allows children to learn better and adults to work to increase their income.  Individuals and families need access to primary health care services including infant and maternal care that leads to healthy babies and children.  Health prevention programs can help youth avoid risky behaviors and stay on track to be healthy and productive adults.  Other preventive services such as health assessments and screenings for adults and seniors can help reduce health costs.  A community is healthier when health and safety preparedness training helps prepare for disasters.



HEALTH VIDEO: Click here to see an example of what United Way is doing in the area of Health.


Community Priorities and Outcomes in Health                                                           
Priority:     Healthy Adults and Children

Outcome:    Youth and adults have access to health care services.

Outcome:    Youth and adults engage in healthy eating and physical activity.

Outcome:   Youth and adults are mentally healthy and avoid risky behaviors.


Priority:     Independent Adults and Children

Outcome:   Youth and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities lead independent lives.

Outcome:   Older adults maintain their independence.


Priority:     Community Preparedness, Physical Safety and Violence Prevention

Outcome:   Adults and youth are physically safe.

Outcome:   Community residents are prepared for disasters.


Health programs funded for Fiscal Year 2015-16


Community Involvement

United Way is involved in several community-wide efforts that promote a healthier and safer York County.

Healthy York County Coalition - For information about community health efforts in York County.

Click Here for upcoming Healthy York County Coalition events.

Healthy York Network - For information about access to health care and Healthy Community Pharmacy.

Aligning Forces for Quality Central Pennsylvania - For Information on quality health care and care for persons with chronic illnesses.