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The ALICE Report in Pennsylvania

1.2 million hard-working Pennsylvania households have incomes that exceed the federal poverty level, but are not high enough to pay for their basic needs. When you add in households that live below the federal poverty level, that's 2 million, or 37% of PA households who are struggling to survive.

Meet ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). ALICE lives in every county in Pennsylvania -- rural, urban and suburban -- and are vital to our economy. And yet, ALICE is walking a financial tightrope, living paycheck to paycheck and often struggling just to afford the bare-bones essentials.

While United Ways have been serving the ALICE population for decades, there was never a good measure to quantify just how many Pennsylvania households were struggling to make ends meet for their most basic needs. United Ways wanted to give this population a voice to talk about the hardships they are facing.


What is the ALICE Report?

United Way values a research-based approach to understanding the needs of the communities it serves. The ALICE Report provides hard data to shed light on what it takes to provide for a household in Pennsylvania.

Here are a few links to begin with:

Questions about ALICE? Please reach out to VP of Community Impact Natalie Williams, at or 717-771-3815.