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Yes! United Way of York County (UWYC) is a local independent legal entity doing business in York County for the residents of York County. UWYC is governed by a local Board of Directors. The mission and work are driven locally with the goal of improving the community we all live in. 

United Way strictly adheres to stringent standards of accounting and financial reporting which govern the fiscal affairs of voluntary health and human service organizations. UWYC undergoes a rigorous annual audit by an independent accounting firm. The fiscal activities and reports are monitored throughout the year by the Board of Directors.

How the money is distributed is listed on the website and on other materials, including the Annual Report. 

Click here to view a copy of our most recent complete audited financial report.

The United Way of York County Impact Fund is the best way we, as a community, can address the issues that affect us all.  Through the Impact Fund, contributions are invested in high-quality programs that are vetted annually by panels of community volunteers.

At the beginning 2023, United Way of York County announced a new focus in our community- assisting working households to achieve financial stability along with a three-year transition plan for our current partners and programs. The York County Impact fund will step up funding for this focus over the next three years while simultaneously giving our current partner agencies time to adjust.

It is important that we, as individuals, support those causes that are close to our hearts. Individuals and households that donate $1,000 or more may designate gifts of $250 or more to a specific nonprofit agency.

Gift smaller than $250 may be directed to one of our specific programs or to the York County Impact Fund which goes to vetted, high-quality local programs. 

ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. These are individuals who live above the poverty line and below the cost of living for our community. They are living in the gap between poverty and financial stability. 

In York County, 29% of households fall into this category. They are working one, two, and sometimes three jobs and are still unable to cover basic living expenses. They make our community work. United Way of York County wants to make it work better for them.