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Loaned Campaign Associates

"I LIVE UNITED by volunteering and giving back to the community where I was born, raised, and currently live. As a Loaned Campaign Associate from Fulton Bank I was very excited when I was told that I would be working with the United Way of York on their 2013 Campaign. I am proud to work for a company that shows so much support for the United Way and is willing to loan some of their Management Trainees to the different United Ways in Central Pennsylvania."

- Matt Ruth, Fulton Financial Corp.

2013 Loaned Campaign Associate


Why is the Program Important?

Loaned Campaign Associates keep fund-raising costs low by maximizing staff and volunteer efforts.  In return, United Way provides a unique management program that develops sales and leadership skills and an understanding of community organizations.  The Loaned Campaign Associate program is an excellent investment for your company, the loaned employee and the community.


What Do Loaned Campaign Associates Do?

Loaned Campaign Associates lend their skills and talents to developing successful workplace campaigns at companies and organizations throughout York County.  They help:

  • Work with United Way Campaign Managers to organize, develop, and manage workplace campaigns.

  • Communicate to employee groups about how United Way can help them multiply their impact in their local community.

  • Assist/motivate Campaign Coordinators in planning and completing their campaigns.

  • Organize/execute United Way partner agency speakers at workplace campaign meetings.

Pictured (above, right): Erica Seitz, Fulton Financial Corporation, 2012 Loaned Campaign Associate


How Do Participants in the Program Benefit?

The Loaned Campaign Associate program offers your staff an outstanding leadership opportunity by providing training in selling, public speaking, time management, and problem solving.  Both you and your employee will benefit from:

  • Enhanced management, communication, creative thinking, problem solving, negotiation, project management and team building skills.

  • Improved organizational, managerial, presentation, and analytical skills.

  • Greater knowledge of community needs and the network of health and human service programs addressing those needs.

  • An increased network of business contacts.

  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs.


Who Should Participate as a Loaned Campaign Associate?

Employees from all areas of your business can benefit from and contribute to the program.  Consider:

  • Your most recent hire.

  • Someone you want to "immerse" in the community.

  • A middle manager who could benefit from experience not available in his or her current assignment.

  • Employees on the production side of your business.

  • A recent retiree.


How Can My Company Participate?

  • Provide a full-time Loaned Campaign Associate.

  • If a full-time person is not available, consider a part-time Loaned Campaign Associate.


Contact Nicole Shaffer at 717.771.3811 for more information about the Loaned Campaign Associate Program.