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Our York Media

Our partnership with Our York Media helps to tell the stories of our Community Fund programs and the companies who support them through their United Way campaign.



Stories inspire York County woman to contribute...

Angie Hartman finds inspiration in stories. Take, for example, the one she heard from a Big and a Little matched in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program... CLICK HERE to read the full story.


For down and out, Bell's transitional housing offers more than a home...

A day in the Schrum home might seem chaotic to some. Just going to the bathroom is a mission for Holly. Her three children — Viktor, Marielynn and Zara — all have different forms of special needs and require attention... CLICK HERE to read the full story.

The Lehman Center makes ‘world of difference’ for York families...

Mia Abate is a spitfire. At 7 years old, she wears clothes meant for a 5-year-old, but her oversized, hyper personality can fill a room. She loves math and science, and she’s smart as a whip – which is why Carol Hinch was surprised when Mia started calling her a different name: Mommy... CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Retired city employee makes an impact as a Big Brother...

An 8-year-old York boy needed a big brother; a retired public works director had a promise to fulfill.
This is the story about how Kohen Wray and Jim Gross became friends... CLICK HERE to read the full story.


A Company Culture of Giving Back...

Stephen Mercado knows what it’s like to have nothing. At 23, the young man struggled to support his infant son and girlfriend, and believed an education
could change the... CLICK HERE to read the full story.


United Way's Ready Freddy Program Eases the Leap into Kindergarten...

Tears streamed down young Jeffrey Jackson’s face as he sobbed and shook and gasped for breath on the first day of preschool. His mother knelt next to him, her heart quietly breaking. The next day, it happened again... CLICK HERE to read the full story.











Accounting for people:  Why RKL gives back to the United Way

Twenty-plus years ago Keith Eldredge sat in a meeting in Hanover one evening,his mind drifting for a moment to his two young daughters tucked in tight at home... CLICK HERE to read the full story. 


VisionCorps: Keeping an eye on young pupils in York County

In hindsight, Michelle Wherley can clearly see the early signs of her daughter’s vision problems. The first, she recalls, appeared at the end of a long play date at... CLICK HERE to read full story. 

At Harley-Davidson in York County, supporting the United Way is a year-round endeavor.

The Harley-Davidson manager wiped his hands and scanned the small apartment at a York area shelter, wondering what ... CLICK HERE to read full story.











New Hope helps Hanover woman get regain her independence.

It’s been a long time since Chantel Miller has felt strong enough to support herself and her family.  Back in 2014, Chantel was hospitalized... CLICK HERE to read full story.