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York County Truancy Prevention Initiative


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The mission of the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative is to reduce the truant population in York County by establishing a protocol for improved communication, instituting a consistent response to the issues and initiating interventions. 

With truancy as a leading factor preventing children’s success in school, graduation from high school and the ability to become a productive member of society, the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative aims to assure that elementary and middle school students are prepared to succeed in later grades, and that young adults make a successful transition from high school to work life – two of United Way’s priorities in Education.  As a program of the United Way of York County, the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative ultimately serves all school-aged youth in York County, by establishing itself as a clearinghouse for what works to prevent truancy and dropout, staying current on national education policy research and finding ways to enhance York County’s provision of truancy prevention programs using best practices research. 

The Truancy Prevention Initiative is a partnership between the United Way of York County, the York County Bar Foundation and the County of York. 

The York County Truancy Prevention Initiative is a partnership between the United Way of York County and the York County Bar Foundation. 


View the 2017 Education Initiatives Annual Report.



Truancy Task Force Meetings

Join the Truancy Task Force! This group meets quarterly to provide a continuous gauge of the need and relevance for truancy prevention and intervention services, allowing for an open dialogue between the various stakeholders and highlighting where certain government agencies or systems of communication may need improvement. The Truancy Task Force meets on August 3rd, September 21stOctober 19th, November 16thDecember 21st,January 18thFebruary 15th March 15th April 19th, and May 17th during the 2017-2018 academic year. Meetings are held from noon until 1:30 p.m. at the York County Judicial Center in the multi-purpose room 5010.  Do not bring a cell phone as they are not allowed into the Judicial building. These meetings are open to the public.


Youth Court Alliance

The goal of the Youth Court Alliance is to re-engage truant students in school and divert these students and their families from entering the Magisterial District Court for truancy hearings.  Currently, Youth Court Alliance is in York City School District.  Student volunteers go through months of training to serve as lawyers, judges, bailiff and most importantly, as jurors who will provide dispositions aimed at reconnecting the truant youth to their school.  Dispositions include jury duty, community service, research papers, and tutoring.

The Youth Court Alliance is a program of United Way of York County in partnership with the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative, County Commissioners, York County Bar Foundation, and York County Department of  Human Services.

Pictured above: Taylor Shenberger and Brent Martin, Youth Court Alliance Volunteers

  EDUCATION VIDEO: Featuring the Youth Court Alliance



Check & Connect

This evidence-based, targeted intervention consists of four components:

  1. A mentor who works with students and families for a minimum of two years.
  2. Regularly checking on the school adjustment, behavior and educational progress of the students.
  3. Intervening in a timely manner to re-establish and maintain the students’ connection to school and learning and to enhance the students’ social and academic competencies.
  4. Partnering with families.

Check & Connect currently services students in York City, Northeastern and South Western school districts.  Currently York County school districts all agree to cite at the 4th unlawful absence.

Check & Connect is a program of Pennsylvania Counseling Services in partnership with the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative.


Stay in School Report

View the Stay in School Report  to read about the efforts in the areas of truancy, dropout prevention and improving high school graduation rates.


For additional information about the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative, please contact Elizabeth Richard at (717) 771-3823.