Changing Lives Starts with You

United Way of York County invites community members to join its annual campaign starting on August 26, 2022. From the end of August through December, workplaces across York County will be participating with their own campaigns. Workplace campaign donors are joined by individual donors all dedicated to changing lives across our One York Community.   

Last year, thanks to our generous community, United Way of York County programs impacted the lives of 1 in every 8 people in York County as it works to equitably advance education, health, and economic mobility.

Lives Changed by Your Gift

Why I Give to United Way of York County

Last Year, Because You Gave

because you give


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“Now is the time for us to come together as a community and feel empowered to help our neighbors and those who have not fared well from the changes of the past two years,” said Anne Druck, president. “Giving to the York County Impact Fund ensures that your dollars stay local and are funding programs with proven results. Some of our programs have 100% success rates and could use funds to grow. We invite our entire community to join in supporting our friends and neighbors.”

What Does Your Dollar Do?

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