Leadership & Strategic Plan

Over fourteen years ago, Judge John C. Uhler observed that as many as 90-95% of youth appearing before him in juvenile court delinquency proceedings were habitual truants.  In response to these alarming statistics, he convened the Truancy Response Group (now the Truancy Task Force) with a membership of over fifty stakeholders, including teachers and school administrators; lawyers, magisterial district judges and the courts; social service providers; the medical community; and parents, to work together to combat truancy.  This purely voluntary group of people meets every other month to provide a continuous gauge of the need and relevance for truancy prevention and intervention services, allowing for an open dialogue between the various stakeholders, and highlighting where certain government agencies or systems of communication may need improvement.


Judge Uhler continues to lead the way as the head of the Truancy Task Force.  He also chairs the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative's Advisory Committee.  This group holds the director accountable to the deliverables indicated in the 2016-19 Strategic Plan.

CLICK HERE to view the 2016-19 Education Initiatives Strategic Plan 



For more information on the Truancy Task Force, visit the York County Truancy Prevention Initiative overview page.